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Bring your business process automation and business data integration to a higher level thorough AI technologies 


The core component of Saninco is the use of Neural Database. Neural Database is a collection of relevant business data and business knowledge. It uses AI engine to discover, recognize and maintain connection of data in a way that mimics the human brain.

AI powered

Saninco uses AI powered technology to process End to End Automation.


Expense validation system

Automatically validate invoices and generate future Payment Schedule 

Automate invoice processing

Receiving, validation and dispute of invoices in one platform



Visualize your business as a whole on a deeper level

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Effortless Invoice Management

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Don't want to go on 50+ portals to download suppliers invoices? Through AI technologies, invoices are retrieved directly from suppliers websites and uploaded on our platform. 

  • Support multiple types of invoices loading (paper, email,cd and more)

  • Same day invoice loading

  • Make effort to turn paper invoices to paperless


Facilitate Invoice Reading

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With Saninco, invoices are automatically loaded on the invoice page through line by line extraction using OCR technologies. Information are organized in sections for all types of invoices. 

  • Once in the system, it intelligently update all future invoices and related information

  • See the complete invoice history

  • Stores contract, rate and original invoice

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Unified Inventory 

No more fragmented inventories. All your data are connected together in one platform. Latest inventory directly updated from invoices. Analysts can manage and organize your whole business inventory directly in one place. 

  • Update changes directly to existing P&O system 

  • Keeps quotes, orders, contracts, circuits, tariffs and more

  • Provide user portal for data modification

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Automated Validation

Breeze through invoice validation. Invoice validation can be easily done with a few invoices, but what happens when you have hundreds or thousands of invoices? Saninco uses item identification technology to automatically compare received invoices with your order inventory. 

  • Line by line validation 

  • Separate unmatched items in dispute category

  • Automatic payment and dispute 

  • Identify Missing Invoice

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Maximize cost efficiency 

Want to know where your cost went? Invoice items are assigned GL Coding when loaded. Finance team can easily see these charges in different accounts type, such as expense, revenue, assets and liabilities. 

  • Automatic GL coding 

  • Use Invoice due date to generate payment schedule

  • Predict future cost from past invoices

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Unleash the full potential of your data. Business Intelligence lets you visually monitor the health of your business to make sure it follows your business plan. We combines information from your different inventories and provide you a deeper level of your cost and revenue. 

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  • Keep track of your expense

  • Identify circuits not generating revenues

  • Visualize your business as a whole

  • Discover new opportunities to optimize